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Environmental Pollution Law

Foley Mansfield has represented public and private sector entities nationwide responding to toxic releases and industrial accidents with potentially adverse environmental consequences.

Pollution - Chemical Handling - Climate Resiliency Planning

We have extensive experience in Superfund response and allocation matters. Our work involves not only litigation defense, but multi-party allocation, natural resource damage resolution and defending claims made by State and federal environmental regulators like EPA, the Department of Justice and Natural Resource Trustee Council.

Our attorneys have extensive experience defending clients in some of the largest National Priority List sites including the Portland Harbor site in Oregon, and the Duwamish and Commencement Bay sites in Washington.

We also defend clients on matters related to waste management, groundwater contamination, risk management planning, data quality, and industrial plant incidents. Our attorneys have handled and responded to state and federal environmental claims including RCRA, CAA, CWA, SDWA, EPCRA, FIFRA and CERCLA.

In addition to litigation experience, we have attorneys with substantive environmental backgrounds and experience, and relationships with industry-leading engineers and scientists with significant expertise in a wide variety of environmental, pollution and hazardous materials issues.

Recently, the Firm represented a tank sampling and investigation company in a federal court RCRA citizens suit action alleging the testing company’s activities had resulted in a release of fuel oil into the environment. We also recently represented a company in a claim regarding improper handling and storage of hazardous waste streams, and a trucking company involved in an accidental release of fuel.

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