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Foley Mansfield in the News

Our experienced attorneys handle high-profile cases, winning newsworthy settlements and verdicts for our clients, which often puts us in the spotlight of local and national media. In addition, we routinely weigh in publicly on issues of local concern. Visit our newsroom to learn the latest updates.

Conservation of Energy: The Benefits of Downtime By: Eduardo Medina

Making time for stillness is crucial not only for finding happiness as a human being but also, for all you recovering workaholics out there, for being a more effective professional. It turns out that making time for yourself outside of work translates well into being more effective at work. Americans […]


September – Transition and Moving Forward By: Ashleigh Johnson

September is a month of transition. It is the month when school starts in earnest (because, let’s face it, no one ever does anything the last two weeks of August). It is the month where those of us who love autumn decide to will it into being, regardless of 100 […]


On Simone Biles – The Habit of Saying “Yes” and the Pressure of Saying “No” By Ashleigh Johnson

Simone Biles said “I can’t” and “I need help”, and the world froze in shock.  This woman, top of her field, who dedicated her life to her sport, came in as the face of the United States Olympic Team, if not the Olympics themselves, took a step back to take […]