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Professional Liability Defense

Professional liability claims can jeopardize a professional’s career and reputation. Licensed professionals, officers, directors, and other professionals rely on Foley Mansfield’s depth of experience and legal prowess to minimize risk and protect them against liability in these sensitive and often complex matters.

For decades, Foley Mansfield’s skilled team of litigators has helped professional services providers, medical practitioners, directors and officers, and other executives manage risk and personal liability from claims related to professional malpractice. We represent clients with respect to medical malpractice, errors and omissions, and directors’ and officers’ liability, including associated employment-related litigation. We have successfully defended claims ranging from simple negligence to complex malpractice.

We appreciate the profound impact professional liability claims can have on a professional, their career, their family, and their reputation. Knowing the potential gravity of these claims, our attorneys defend each matter as if their own career is at stake. A successful defense requires experience, intuition, and great attention to detail. Our attorneys stay up to date on the latest related rules and regulations and coordinate diligently with clients on strategies to minimize potential liability and financial loss from alleged professional malpractice or negligence.

Our lawyers also conduct coverage assessments to help ensure that an insurance policy provides adequate levels of protection. We offer the appropriate negotiation, mediation, and litigation strategies necessary to resolve issues related to insurance coverage and liability.

In addition to experienced litigators, our legal team includes transactional lawyers with backgrounds in areas including accounting and securities, as well as those with in-house malpractice carrier experience. As such, we are uniquely positioned to offer a depth of understanding and analysis of complex financial matters and malpractice matters.

At Foley Mansfield, our goal is to achieve meaningful results through dedication, hard work, and total commitment to professional excellence. Our attorneys have more than a century of combined professional liability experience and have litigated cases from coast to coast in both federal and state courts. We have successfully tried hundreds of cases to verdict and, when warranted, have resolved cases for far below initial demands. Our team’s diverse background and experience brings a multifaceted perspective from the inception of a matter through the trial and appellate process.

Directors & Officers (D&O)

Officers, directors, and other executives risk potential personal liability from professional malpractice claims, especially when questions arise as to financial management and conflicts of interest. This danger is even more acute to those subject to the governing rules and regulations in the financial industry. We help companies manage risk and protect their executive leadership against potential liability.

Errors & Omissions (E&O)

Our lawyers are seasoned litigators with significant experience defending professional service providers, including attorneys, accountants, architects, engineers, insurance agents, financial advisors, registered representatives, and broker/dealers—either directly or through appointment as defense counsel by insurance carriers in professional liability matters.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice claims often involve serious injuries or death and potential multimillion dollar exposure. Our team understands the gravity of these claims. We have deep experience representing medical professionals across the healthcare spectrum, including hospitals, physicians, dentists, certified physician assistants, nurses, advanced registered nurse practitioners, certified registered nurse anesthetists, chiropractors, and pharmacists.

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