June 27, 2019

Stephen Vedova, a partner in Foley and Mansfield’s Chicago office, obtained a summary judgment on the pleadings and an early dismissal for a client in a recent Illinois injury case. The case involved an electrician performing electrical work on a substation located on the property of our client, a local auto dealership.  

The complaint alleged catastrophic injures were sustained by the plaintiff. There was a video showing the explosion from one block away. Vedova and his team dug through local records, located the 1950’s documents granting the easement, and releasing our client from any potential liability. 

Vedova stated, “I am a firm believer that early resolution truly means just that, I saw the flaw in Plaintiff’s case and wanted to limit the expenses my client would incur in defending the case. It’s always risky to do a motion on the pleadings versus participating in discovery. Often times early motions may tip your hand on defenses and allow the Plaintiff to guard against such defenses as the case proceeds. However, after we located the old deed, we knew we had to proceed immediately. ”  

Moyett v. Commonwealth Edison, Cook County, IL.

Stephen Vedova, Partner,  Foley & Mansfield Chicago