December 20, 2017

Gregory M. Meihn, a partner in Foley & Mansfield's Detroit office,  prevailed on behalf of his client Saline Northview Condominium Association against Vidolich Trust II before the Michigan Court of Appeals on December 12, 2017. 

The Michigan Court of Appeals affirmed the Washtenaw Circuit Court’s granting of Saline Northview Condominium Association’s motion for summary disposition dismissing Vidolich Trust II’s six (6) count complaint. The Vidolich Trust II claimed that Saline Northview Condominium Association violated the Bylaws by adopting an amendment to the Bylaws reducing the quorum requirement for the annual meeting; failed to produce the books and records of the Association; failed to follow parliamentary procedures; and failed to comply with the Michigan Non-Profit Corporation Act. 

The Circuit Court dismissed all claims at the trial level.  The Michigan Court of Appeals, after oral arguments, affirmed the trial court’s granting of dismissal.

Greg Meihn, Partner on Foley & Mansfield's employment team.