January 2, 2015

Margo Miller and Greg Meihn Represent City Resident in Case Regarding Illegal Culling of Deer in City Parks

Margo Miller and Gregory Meihn represented residents of the City of Rochester Hills, Michigan, against the City, City Council, Mayor, Oakland County, Oakland County Sheriff's Office and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources regarding an illegal culling of deer in the city parks. A suit was filed in the Oakland County Circuit Court seeking injunctive and declaratory relief. The basis of the claim was the process used by the City Council to cull deer in the city parks violated city ordinances and was contrary to Michigan law. The lawsuit's goal was to compel the City of Rochester Hills to follow its own ordinances and state law and to form a subcommittee of residents and politicians to make recommendations to the City and Mayor regarding management of the city parks and protection of the citizens while at the same time preserving the ecosystem of the park which would allow residents and wildlife to co-exist. The City agreed to form a subcommittee and cease and desist from continued violation of the ordinances and state law.

Greg Meihn, Partner on Foley & Mansfield's employment team.