January 25, 2016

Minneapolis partner Lisa Lamm Bachman will be a featured presenter at an upcoming webcast, Safeguard Against Employment Retaliation Claims: What You Need to Know.

The webcast, scheduled for February 12, 2016 from 12-2pm ET, will address the following key topics: 

  • Assessing the Rise in Employment Retaliation
  • Claims
  • Proving Retaliation Claims At Trials
  • Protected Activity
  • Adverse Action
  • “But for” Causation
  • Retaliation Claims under Federal Statutes
  • Litigation Strategies for Defending against Retaliation Lawsuits
  • Strategic Ways to Prevent Retaliation

Foley & Mansfield offers free registration for this program to the first 30 registrants and a special deep discount thereafter. 


For details, click here.

Lisa Lamm Bachman