August 20, 2015

On August 19, 2015,  Foley & Mansfield sponsored an event for veterans through the Los Angeles County Bar Association’s Veterans Project.  Nine F&M attorneys from the Los Angeles office volunteered for this pro bono work, assisting in helping approximately 60 veterans on legal issues ranging from traffic tickets and expungements to handling misdemeanor citations.

We will be continuing to partner with the Veterans Project in the Los Angeles office and plan to sponsor additional events throughout the year. 

The Veterans Project was created in coordination with LACBA’s Armed Forces Committee and has partnered with U.S. VETS and Los Angeles County to provide pro bono legal services at the historic Patriotic Hall in downtown Los Angeles.  The program targets veterans who are unemployed and at risk of homelessness in Los Angeles County, considered to be  the homeless veterans’ capital of America.  The Veterans Project provides assistance to address specific legal issues which can become obstacles to full employment, which is critical for lifting veterans our of homelessness, and for preventing it in many cases.  

Our appreciation to all of our attorneys who participated in this inaugural event:  Keith Ameele, Holly Acevedo, Noelle Natoli-Duffy, Judy Zipkin, Amadea Groseclose, Maryam Danishwar, Marissa Franco, Melanie Ayerh, and event organizer Lou Klein.


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