July 23, 2020

Foley & Mansfield today announced that attorney Jazz Hampton has been named to the position of Director of Diversity and Inclusion for the 150-attorney firm.

Hampton will be tasked with providing strategic leadership and advising on diversity and inclusion initiatives for the firm, developing actionable metrics, and serving as the firm’s top ambassador of diversity and inclusion. As co-chair of the firm’s D&I Committee, an active member of Twin Cities Diversity in Practice, and an activist for racial justice, he has the skill set and passion to excel in this role.

“The current discussions of race within our country have forced us to take a deeper look at our priorities as a firm,” said founding partner Kyle Mansfield. “Despite good intentions, Foley & Mansfield is not as diverse as it could or should be.  We need to explore why this is the case and put goals into place to ensure a future where our attorneys and staff are as diverse as the cities in which we live. Jazz is the perfect person to lead the firm’s advancement of diversity and inclusion.”