August 20, 2019

Foley & Mansfield is pleased to announce that Jazz A. Hampton has been named Vice Chair of the DRI Young Lawyers Diversity Subcommittee for the 2020 term.

Hampton co-chairs the Diversity Committee at Foley & Mansfield, which has undertaken several key initiatives in the past year, including undergoing the Mansfield Rule certification process. He has been involved in DRI and the Young Lawyers Committee since 2015 as a member and program volunteer.

“My involvement with DRI and its Young Lawyers has enabled me to develop and foster incredible relationships throughout the defense community,” he said. “As vice-chair, I look forward to contributing to programming and initiatives that not only enhance diversity and inclusion within DRI, but also empowers our members to develop meaningful and quantifiable goals for their respective organizations,” he added.

Hampton practices in the firm’s Minneapolis office, focusing on commercial litigation and product liability defense.

Click here for more information on DRI's Young Lawyers Committee (DRI YLC).

Jazz A. Hampton