August 21, 2014

Gary D. Sharp and Jennifer M. McCormick Earn a Defense Verdict in the San Francisco Superior Court

After hearing evidence for 3 ½ weeks, a jury in the San Francisco Superior Court deliberated for 5 hours before returning a defense verdict July 30, 2014 on behalf of Foley & Mansfield client, Belnortel Corporation. The plaintiff, suffering from mesothelioma, owned a service station and repair garage and sued Belnortel who operated mobile brake repair services in the 1970’s. He claimed that the turning of brake drums and the grinding of brake shoes by employees of Belnortel exposed him to a sufficient quantity of asbestos to have increased his risk for the development of mesothelioma. 

The jury disagreed - finding that they did not act in a negligent fashion, and did not find strict product liability for the supplying of brake shoes that contained asbestos linings.