February 28, 2018

Foley & Mansfield attorneys William Foote, Jeremy Staley, and Katie Slaughter won summary judgment on behalf of its client in a $3 Million construction claim in St. Louis, Missouri. The lawsuit was filed by an electrical subcontractor against the firm’s client, a large general contractor, arising from the construction of a $120 million expansion of the St. Louis County Courts. 

Plaintiff sought relief through reformation of the parties’ construction subcontract, along with damages for negligence and negligent misrepresentation, for events occurring during the bidding phase of the project.  The negligent misrepresentation count was previously dismissed on the merits as a result of Foley & Mansfield’s motion to dismiss.  The court later granted the firm’s motion for summary judgment, which completely barred all $3 million in negligence damages claimed by the plaintiff. As a result of the summary judgment, plaintiff dismissed the case in the days leading to trial.

William C. Foote