March 15, 2021

Foley & Mansfield today announces the launch of an innovative well-being program to improve the health and well-being of its attorneys and employees. This two-part initiative is being implemented to better align the benefits offered to its employees across the nation and to enhance a healthy work environment at the firm. The program includes a partnership with Modern Health that offers employees access to well-being resources and the establishment of the Foley & Mansfield Well-being Committee, to further engage employees and promote employee health and wellness.

Through the Modern Health partnership, Foley & Mansfield will offer mental health resources for all employees including digital courses and meditations and access to a network of certified coaches and licensed therapists.

“Health is one of society’s major challenges in the workplace today,” said Abby K. Rooney, chief operating officer and human resources director at Foley & Mansfield. “So many are being affected in terms of work and personal challenges, we felt that it was important to address the overall well-being of our employees and to provide them with the resources needed to cope and meet any challenges that they face.”

The newly established Well-Being Committee will serve as an internal resource where members can engage in the recommendation and implementation of education and training offerings related to mental health and wellness issues for the Foley & Mansfield community. The committee was proposed and will be chaired by partner Ashleigh N. Johnson.

“The Well-Being Committee will be an inclusive group dedicated to providing solutions to access the best health services to all employees,” said Johnson.  “We already have plans to establish mental health policies and have identified strategies to support anyone in the firm who needs help. The Committee will be represented by the chair, Human Resources and one representative from each of the firms 16 offices.”