September 13, 2021

Foley & Mansfield is excited about participating in Diversity Lab’s Mansfield Rule for Midsize Firms (2021-2023). Starting in September of this year, Foley & Mansfield will join other participating midsize law firms in carrying out its commitment to advance diversity and inclusion in hiring, promotions and leadership transition activities to strengthen the diversity and inclusion of the firm and the legal profession. 

The Mansfield Rule for Midsize Firms measures whether law firms have affirmatively considered at least 30 percent of historically underrepresented lawyers for leadership roles, formal client pitches and meetings, and  hiring of attorneys. The overall goal of the Mansfield Rule is to increase the representation of diverse lawyers in leadership of the firm. The program for mid-sized firms has requirements tailored for smaller lawyer populations, fewer office locations and leaner firm leadership and governance structures. The certification period is 18 months, running from September 15, 2021 to March 14, 2023.

If certain measurable objectives are met upon completion of the  eighteen-month certification period, the firm will earn the distinction of being Mansfield Certified. Foley & Mansfield will continue to release more information as we progress during the certification period.

To Learn More about the Mansfield Rule for Midsize Law Firms, please read Diversity Lab’s Press Release.

To Learn More about the Mansfield Rule for Midsize Law Firms process, please click here.