January 4, 2021

Foley & Mansfield announced today that Keith Ameele, managing partner of the Firm’s Los Angeles office will also head up the Walnut Creek office as Managing Partner effective January 1, 2021.

C.J. Manoli, the previous Walnut Creek Managing Partner will scale back his role to Of Counsel leading to his retirement at the end of 2021.

“Our Firm is grateful for the exemplary leadership that C.J. has shown in his years as managing partner in Walnut Creek,” said Kyle Mansfield, Managing Partner of the Firm.  “Under his leadership, our Northern California office has achieved significant results for our clients. I am also confident that Keith’s strong leadership abilities and the high regard he has in his existing role will carry over to Walnut Creek as he builds on C.J.’s legacy and expands on the excellence and collegiality he has championed in that office for many years.”

 “I am honored to take on the added role as Managing Partner of Foley & Mansfield’s Northern California office in Walnut Creek and to work with the incredibly well-respected team of attorneys in that office,” said Ameele.  “As leaders in California, C.J. and I have worked together as close colleagues focused on growth and exceptional service for the Firm’s clients, and I intend to build on that focus in both offices as we move into the future.”

Foley & Mansfield has also recently appointed the following partners to the Firm’s executive leadership team effective January 1, 2021 as noted in a previous announcement: Diane Babbitt – Executive Committee Member – Seattle/Portland, Demetra Arapakis Christos – Executive Committee Member – Chicago/Detroit, Lisa Lamm Bachman – Compensation Committee Member – Minneapolis, and Stephen Novakidis – Managing Partner – New York

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