April 29, 2021

Foley and Mansfield adopted a new policy to incentivize time spent by its attorneys and paralegals on eligible diversity and inclusion (D&I) activities, pro bono representations and writing or speaking on Firm-related matters. This policy, which is effective immediately and retroactive to the start of 2021, allows attorneys and paralegals to count 50 hours of credit per year to their billable hour requirements for any combination of eligible D&I activities, pro bono representations and writing or speaking on Firm-related matters.

The D&I activities eligible for billable credit are:

  • Leading or organizing D&I events or diversity network initiatives, including leadership in affinity bar associations.
  • Recruiting underrepresented professionals to the firm.
  • Mentoring or sponsoring underrepresented professionals.
  • Participating in Firm allyship programs or action-oriented D&I programs of the Firm.
  • Preparing for and participating in client-related D&I activity.
  • Additional activities to be approved on a case-by-case basis by the Director of Diversity and Inclusion.

Foley and Mansfield’s Managing Partner, Kyle Mansfield, commented, “Spending time on these D&I initiatives, pro bono work and professional speaking or writing engagements provides an opportunity to lead on issues of import, make connections and build leadership skills, all experiences that benefit members of the Firm in the development of their lawyering and other professional skills."

“This Policy should also enhance the inclusiveness and sense of belonging at the Firm because it allows the attorneys and paralegals to receive billable hour credit for dedicating time to work on D&I and pro bono initiatives, each designed to positively impact culture and community," said John Y. Myung, Director of Diversity and Inclusion of Foley and Mansfield.