We conduct ourselves with integrity – doing the right thing for our clients and colleagues at all times and in all circumstances. We are committed to behaving in a manner that maintains objectivity, openness, fairness and responsibility – and promotes the greater good for our clients, our firm and our communities. As such, we will not compromise on matters of core principle. 


We exhibit loyalty to those we serve and those we work with. Loyalty is the foundation upon which trust is built within our firm and the communities we serve, and is the glue that holds our team together, especially in the face of adversity. We support firm objectives, and are faithful to our professional commitments and obligations. Our success is due to the loyalty of our clients and team members, and this loyalty is key to maintaining a culture of fulfillment and mutual support.    


We value professionalism, demonstrating proficiency, competency and reliability in all we do. We are driven to continually develop and enhance our knowledge and skills in order to exceed expectations. We demonstrate good judgment in our business dealings, and respect for the people around us, regardless of their role or situation. 


We hold ourselves accountable to our clients and colleagues by taking personal responsibility for our own actions and how they affect both those we serve and those we work with. Each of us has specific responsibilities and we understand that in order for the firm to be successful each individual must own all aspects of their work product and behaviors. We take responsibility for our actions, and are willing to admit our mistakes to ensure that our behavior earns the support and trust of all we work with.


We value the power of collaboration, which enables us to perform our jobs with greater efficiency and innovation.  Collaborating with clients and colleagues allows all to voice their opinions and draw on their unique strengths, resulting in a better work product and consistent results. Our experience shows us that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Social Responsibility

As a socially responsible organization, we value stewardship and give back to the communities in which we work and live. Characterized by compassion and respect for our fellow human beings, respect for our environment and solid ethics, this commitment extends to fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment. Our financial and hands-on support for numerous charitable activities is an important part of our social responsibility, as is the pro bono work performed by our attorneys and staff.