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May 2014
  • Wah Leads Winning Team in Longstanding Asbestos Trial
    • On April 29, 2014, a New Orleans jury ruled in favor of two asbestos defendants in a mesothelioma wrongful death trial, Landry vs. Steel Grip Safety Apparel. Representing Steel Grip was Foley & Mansfield Partner Douglas Wah, assisted by Barbara Lee, Trial Coordinator from the firm’s Northern California office. Read More
March 2014
  • Holmes Wins Sixth Circuit Appeal on Civil Rights Claims
    • This case involved the Plaintiffs’ attempt to have a federal court grant them relief from a state court’s judgment against them. Ultimately, the case was dismissed on a number of grounds, including that Plaintiffs’ lawsuit violated well-established legal principles prohibiting “state court losers” from appealing to the federal courts, and that Plaintiffs were attempting to assert claims which are not recognized in the Sixth Circuit.Read More
  • Foley & Mansfield Clients Awarded Non-Suit After Six Weeks of Trial
    • In a recent multi-party asbestos lawsuit brought by plaintiffs Nicholaas Schildknegt and his spouse, Brigitte Schildknegt, two Foley & Mansfield trial teams from the firm’s Oakland office – each representing a separate defendant in the matter – were successful in obtaining a dismissal of the plaintiffs’ case.Read More
December 2013
November 2013
  • F&M Team Secures Dismissal in FLSA Compensation Claim
    • Using a Rule 68 Offer of Judgment as a tool, Foley & Mansfield partners Gregory Meihn, Howard Wallach, David Haron and Louis Klein of the Foley & Mansfield's Detroit and Los Angeles offices secured a dismissal of a case against our client that could have resulted in more than half a million dollars in damages.Read More
October 2013
July 2013
  • Asylum Granted to F&M Pro Bono Client
    • In a recent decision by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, asylum was granted to a Foley & Mansfield client and her daughter. They were forced to seek asylum from Russia because of their activism and involvement in exposing the terribly corrupt practice of commercial arson.Read More
May 2013
  • Corenbaum v. Lampkin: California Appellate Decision Further Limits Damages Evidence for Personal Injury Plaintiffs
    • The Corenbaum decision is significant insofar as judges, following Howell, have continued to allow full medical billings into evidence through the side door. This practice has allowed plaintiffs a means of requesting inflated and unjustified damages awards. Now, a plaintiff with mesothelioma will no longer be allowed to circumvent Howell and introduce evidence of the larger billed amount by suggesting such evidence is relevant on other issues, such as pain and suffering calculations. Under Corenbaum, such evidence is not relevant on any damages issues. This decision should generally result in lower average jury verdicts for personal injury plaintiffs.Read More
April 2013
  • Doug Wah Wins Ruling in Louisiana Asbestos Appeal
    • A recent ruling by a Louisiana state appellate court highlights the degree of success asbestos manufacturers and other defendants can have – even in jurisdictions which are historically hostile to asbestos defense claims. Foley & Mansfield partner Douglas Wah appeared before the panel for Steel Grip, Inc., the appellant in this case.Read More
January 2013
June 2012
  • Thomas A. Harder Wins Landmark Gender Harassment Case
    • We are proud to announce Minneapolis partner Thomas A. Harder’s recent Minnesota Supreme Court defense victory in Lamont v. Independent School District 728. In a 5-2 ruling, the court determined that an Elk River High School custodian did not suffer from a hostile environment as the custodian’s supervisor’s conduct was infrequent...Read More
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