The litigators at Foley & Mansfield are experienced in resolving simple and complex disputes through both negotiation and litigation at the state, federal and appellate court levels. 

Attorneys tend to bog-down when it comes to developing settlement options with a business solution – this is where we excel. The real world business experience of our attorneys help us bring an in-depth yet practical perspective to the bargaining table. Whether you are faced with a deal gone awry or any host of commercial disputes, Foley & Mansfield’s commercial attorneys know it is your business' livelihood at stake. 

Our experienced trial attorneys address the many business and legal issues – many of which are now typically embedded in electronic data and mountains of documentation – which arise when a commercial claim is brought against you or you must file suit to protect your business.

Many times a resolution may be reached informally or through economical dispute resolution means, such as mediation or arbitration. However, when aggressive litigation is necessary, Foley & Mansfield will work with you to implement an effective and efficient trial strategy toward a positive outcome. We will analyze your situation from both an outcome and cost perspective so you continue to make sound business decisions as the dispute moves forward.Our attorneys will carefully manage each step of the case for you – from the initial pleadings, through discovery, settlement negotiations, and trial.

Common legal disputes in which we represent commercial clients include: 

    • Contract enforcement
    • Lender liability
    • Professional liability and malpractice
    • Securities and FINRA disputes
    • Non-compete/trade secret litigation
    • Intellectual property disputes
    • Shareholder and partnership disputes
    • Unfair competition 
    • Landlord-tenant disputes
    • HIPAA compliance
    • Employment and wage disputes
    • Franchise litigation
    • Creditor's rights

Appellate Litigation

Whether your goal is to preserve a favorable trial court result, or to challenge an adverse ruling, you need wise appellate counsel. Our highly successful appellate lawyers have argued cases before various state and federal appellate courts - and the United States Supreme Court. Having served corporate, professional, and individual clients in their appellate pursuits, our attorneys are well versed in the intricacies of appellate law and procedure.

We handle civil and criminal appeals in state and federal courts throughout the countr y- both in cases in which we represented a client from the beginning, and when another law firm prosecuted or defended the case in the lower court. We work closely with the client’s trial counsel to formulate the best strategy for the appeal. 

Many of our attorneys have gained an “insider’s view” of the appellate process, having the honor to have served as law clerks or interns for appellate court justices before joining the firm. We will outline the pros and cons of appealing your case and be forthright in guiding you through the process.  Combining our appellate expertise with a thorough understanding of the trial court outcome has resulted in many favorable appellate decisions achieved on a cost-effective basis. 



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