Business Lawyers Who Know Business

The business lawyers of Foley & Mansfield provide legal services in a manner that puts practical advice and innovative client solutions first. Our business is straightforward: aligning ourselves with our client’s business strategy and providing the integrated legal representation necessary for client success.

As general counsel to small and medium size businesses and their owners, our legal, financial analysis and business experience helps clients leverage knowledge and relationships to enhance their competitive advantage in the marketplace. We provide sound strategies to assist businesses with both day-to-day concerns and complicated matters involving issues such as: 

A cornerstone of our service to business clients is our flat-fee Annual Update Service, a convenient and affordable way to ensure your business adheres to required corporate formalities. This allows the business to remain in good standing, preserve liability shields and avoid corporate veil piercing claims, and memorialize the business activities of the company. 

Business-to-Business Law

Foley & Mansfield isn't a typical law firm – we are a business whose business happens to be the law. We believe that business cannot achieve long-term success without being properly structured, well managed and financially disciplined. We also believe that financial reward will follow these achievements – but should not be allowed to take precedence over them.

This perspective is the key to why so many rely on our counsel to help run their business effectively. We know it's not just about fulfilling legal obligations and protecting legal rights: it's about helping businesses make good decisions in all areas of business practice, management and citizenship. That is why we define our success by the impact we have on our clients, whose businesses span a range of industries, including: