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Toxic Tort / Mass Tort
Since our formation in 1989, Foley & Mansfield has maintained a focus in toxic and mass tort litigation, representing hundreds of clients across the country - from product manufacturers and distributors to contractors and other individuals. The core of our toxic tort practice is asbestos litigation defense, an area in which we’ve earned a national reputation.

With offices from coast to coast, we serve as local, national and coordinating counsel for a number of our clients, who include manufacturers of various industrial products, heavy equipment and components, paints, primers and epoxies, wallpaper cleaners, car part cleaners, printing press roller and blanket washes, airplane industry solvents, and dry cleaning products.

In addition to asbestos litigation, we represent those embroiled in toxic tort cases including chemical, benzene, mold, lead, silica, welding rods, Fen-Phen, breast implants and Ephedra. We have served as lead trial counsel in federal MDL litigation involving pharmaceutical products. We defend clients against chemical and wastewater claims related to the various proppants and chemicals (benzene included) involved in induced hydraulic fracturing or "fracking," and defend clients against related premises claims from employees. 
Based on our strong litigation background, our national presence, and our substantial experience with defending toxic tort cases, Foley & Mansfield is able to successfully handle matters throughout the nation.
We are known for our ability to understand the complex science and medicine involved in these cases, and how to effectively present and explain complicated issues to a jury. We are recognized by our foes for our ability to attack and undercut their experts and their theories. We are experienced in developing and coordinating a client’s defense from the ground up, including creating the company’s overall strategy and tactics; developing the corporate history in order to tell the client’s story in the most favorable light; educating and preparing corporate witnesses to communicate that story to the jury and withstand cross examination; and presenting that story at trial in a manner that will resonate with a jury.

When you seek national trial counsel, a local defense team or appellate representation, Foley & Mansfield’s nationally recognized attorneys will provide a state-of-the-art defense. The most common toxic and mass tort litigation cases in which we represent clients include:
  •  Asbestos
  •  Benzene
  •  Breast Implant
  •  Chemical
  •  Ephedra
  •  Fen-Phen
  •  Fracking chemicals and proppants
  •  Lead
  •  Manganese
  •  Mold
  •  Silica
  •  Welding rods

  • Three Foley & Mansfield Partners Recognized as 2015 Top Florida Lawyers
    • Foley & Mansfield is pleased to announce that three partners from our Miami office have been named to the 2015 South Florida Legal Guide Top Lawyers list. Named Top Lawyers in South Florida are managing partner Virginia Easley Johnson for Litigation, Kevin O'Connor for Medical Malpractice and Construction Litigation Defense and Timothy J. Ferguson for Product Liability and Tort Defense. Read More
  • Foley & Mansfield Elects Six Attorneys to Partnership
    • Foley & Mansfield today announced that six attorneys have been elected to the partnership. All have been associates with the firm and, representing a broad range of practice areas, this group of talented attorneys will help the firm continue to diversify its business in the coming years. Read More
  • Roger Yuen Named to Lawyers of Color "Hot List"
    • Foley & Mansfield is pleased to congratulate attorney Roger Yuen of the firm's Oakland office on being named to the Lawyers of Color's Second Annual Hot List, which recognizes early to mid career attorneys excelling in the legal profession. Read More
  • Scouton to Speak at Harris Martin Asbestos Conference
    • Litigator David E. Scouton, a partner in Foley & Mansfield's Minneapolis office, will be a featured presenter at the Harris Martin Asbestos conference on September 27, 2013 in St. Louis, MO. Scouton, part of the firm's nationally-recognized asbestos defense team, will present an update on Minnesota asbestos litigation. Read More
  • Doug Wah Wins Ruling in Louisiana Asbestos Appeal
    • A recent ruling by a Louisiana state appellate court highlights the degree of success asbestos manufacturers and other defendants can have – even in jurisdictions which are historically hostile to asbestos defense claims. Foley & Mansfield partner Douglas Wah appeared before the panel for Steel Grip, Inc., the appellant in this case. Read More
  • Corenbaum v. Lampkin: California Appellate Decision Further Limits Damages Evidence for Personal Injury Plaintiffs
    • The Corenbaum decision is significant insofar as judges, following Howell, have continued to allow full medical billings into evidence through the side door. This practice has allowed plaintiffs a means of requesting inflated and unjustified damages awards. Now, a plaintiff with mesothelioma will no longer be allowed to circumvent Howell and introduce evidence of the larger billed amount by suggesting such evidence is relevant on other issues, such as pain and suffering calculations. Under Corenbaum, such evidence is not relevant on any damages issues. This decision should generally result in lower average jury verdicts for personal injury plaintiffs. Read More
  • Holmes Wins Sixth Circuit Appeal on Civil Rights Claims
    • This case involved the Plaintiffs’ attempt to have a federal court grant them relief from a state court’s judgment against them. Ultimately, the case was dismissed on a number of grounds, including that Plaintiffs’ lawsuit violated well-established legal principles prohibiting “state court losers” from appealing to the federal courts, and that Plaintiffs were attempting to assert claims which are not recognized in the Sixth Circuit. Read More
  • Foley & Mansfield Clients Awarded Non-Suit After Six Weeks of Trial
    • In a recent multi-party asbestos lawsuit brought by plaintiffs Nicholaas Schildknegt and his spouse, Brigitte Schildknegt, two Foley & Mansfield trial teams from the firm’s Oakland office – each representing a separate defendant in the matter – were successful in obtaining a dismissal of the plaintiffs’ case. Read More
  • Wah Leads Winning Team in Longstanding Asbestos Trial
    • On April 29, 2014, a New Orleans jury ruled in favor of two asbestos defendants in a mesothelioma wrongful death trial, Landry vs. Steel Grip Safety Apparel. Representing Steel Grip was Foley & Mansfield Partner Douglas Wah, assisted by Barbara Lee, Trial Coordinator from the firm’s Northern California office. Read More
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